Modern Wood Interior Design

 Elegant Wood Interior

The magnificent rooms of the highest floors of the buildings are individual and unique atmosphere for any room. In addition to the view returns non-traditional, sloped walls and triangular corners, attic rooms can take your breath away and cause your enthusiasm with a beautiful interior with lots of wood accents. Easy handling and excellent heat insulator wood as a material space and gives flight to the imagination and revive suit and broken ceilings.

Modern Wood Design

Historically, the tree is the first material used in construction. It is easier for the processing of stone, and is completely renewable material. From a technological point of view, valuable qualities for the construction of wood are its excellent insulation, durability and strength air exchange.

 Wood In Interior Design

It is these qualities are determined the tree as a starting material for the manufacture of VELUX roof windows - windows that give a new look and quicker attics.
But not only with beauty and unique design to stand out of VELUX products. For more than 65 years designing and producing VELUX roof windows with exceptional strength to withstand the most adverse weather conditions. Before being put out to market every product is subjected to many tests. Therefore, preferred brand is the VELUX roof windows and a world leader in this field.

Modern and Elegant Wood Interior

All VELUX roof windows are made of strong laminated pine wood, quite resistant to any weather conditions and treated with waterproof layer protecting the wood from fungi and molds. The surface of the timber is covered with water-based primer and one or two layers of azure lake that provide resistance to moisture, versatility and ease of maintenance of the roof windows. In addition, windows are protected with a special aluminum casing that overlaps with other roofing materials, and thus retains the wooden box from moisture
and temperature variations.
For the inner part of your VELUX roof window also uses natural, light pine wood, which smells like pine trees. Sitting at VELUX roof windows in the room just below the ceiling, feels like a house in a forest, surrounded by the purity and warmth of nature, regardless of the weather outside.

Great Wood Design

Over the years - from its creation until today, the philosophy of VELUX is behind customer care and the environment. Therefore, to satisfy every taste, VELUX create white, window with polyurethane core of Nordic pine wood. Sash window is one monolithic part without joints and seams. Such is the frame of the window. This makes the model GGU exceptionally strong and resistant to wear and tear over time, while it gives a sleek and elegant appearance.

Luxury Wood Interior Design

Because of his exceptional qualities and coziness that creates wood continues to be an essential element in modern architecture. Beautiful wood accents in a modern house of iron and concrete impart warmth and humanity.

Great Wood Hall Interior

Roof windows by creating indispensable quality and design, VELUX allows you to provide comfort and coziness of your home and you feel - close to nature.

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